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Word of the day

indefinitely (adverb)

In a vague or uncertain way.

Famous quote

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Name that element


Tungsten (Atomic number 74)

Word scramble

A puzzling predicament.



Thought for the day

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?

On this day in 1972

Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky to become the world chess champion.

Where in the world

Can you name the country and its capital?

Guess the flag!

United States. Capital city is Washington DC.

Did you know?

A crocodile can't move its tongue and cannot chew. Its digestive juices are so strong that it can digest a steel nail.

Today's Top Tip

Do your revision early in the morning.

The brain focusses much better in the morning to start your revision then. As a bonus you get the evening to relax without feeling guilty.

Grammar time

What is wrong with the following sentence?

We'll go into town to do a bit of shopping if their is time.

We'll go into town to do a bit of shopping if there is time.

Mental Maths

536 - (135 + 175)

= 226


I have two coins which add up to 15 pence and one of the coins is not a 10 pence piece. What are the two coins?

A 10 pence piece and a 5 pence piece. Only one coin is not a 10 pence piece.

Joke of the day

Why is it difficult for a pirate to learn the alphabet?

It keeps getting lost at 'c'.

In the news today...

VIDEO: From Syria to Sweden: A migrant's story

The BBC's James Reynolds follows the trail of a Syrian migrant called Nour, as she travels 2,000 miles through nine countries to fulfil her dream of applying for asylum in Sweden.

VIDEO: US clerk refuses gay marriage licence

A Christian official has refused to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples in Kentucky despite exhausting all of her legal options.

VIDEO: Drinkers 'stealing hospital hand gel'

A man who nearly died from drinking hand gel containing alcohol, says he was part of a group which systematically raided London hospitals for a drink.

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1st September 2015