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Word of the day

papyrus (noun)

The writing-paper of the ancient Egyptians, and later of the Romans.

Famous quote

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

Albert Einstein

Name that element


Silicon (Atomic number 14)

Word scramble

An exact copy or reproduction.



Thought for the day

Would you rather take an ice cold shower or not shower at all?

On this day in 1993

The Czech Republic and Slovakia joined the United Nations.

Where in the world

Can you name the country and its capital?

Guess the flag!

Germany. Capital city is Berlin.

Did you know?

Snails can sleep for up to 3 years.

Grammar time

What is wrong with the following sentence?

Ask them if their coming tomorrow.

Ask them if they're coming tomorrow.

Mental Maths

35 + 88 + 170

= 293


How many animals of each species did Moses take with him in the Ark?

None. It was Noah, not Moses.

Joke of the day

What do you call a mushroom that likes parties?

A fun guy.

In the news today...

Italy Rigopiano avalanche: Dozens missing under snow and rubble

Three bodies are removed from the ruins of a luxury mountain hotel as a desperate search continues.

Footage shows rescuers inside Italy avalanche hotel

Rescuers battled overnight to reach the Rigopiano hotel, with the first of them arriving on skis.

May: Inequality fuels politics of division

The prime minister says mainstream politicians must tackle a backlash against globalisation.

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19th January 2017