Form Time Videos

Current BBC News videos to watch and discuss with your tutor group.

Around the world

Robbers in Donald Trump masks blow up cash machine

Robbers in Italy wear masks with the US president's face, in an apparent nod to the film Point Break.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics get song and dance treatment

The organisers of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo find a novel way to drum up support.

In the UK

What it's like to use a food bank

Sarah is a teaching assistant and struggles to feed her nine-year-old boy during the school holidays.

'Melting' mud WW1 sculpture unveiled in Trafalgar Square

A "melting" mud sculpture is unveiled in Trafalgar Square to remember the Battle of Passchendaele.


Political books to enjoy in Parliamentary recess

Some suggestions on what MPs and peers could be reading on the beach, or in their constituency office.

Boris Johnson talks wildlife and obesity in New Zealand

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson muses about wildlife and obesity during a trip to the Zealandia eco-centre in Wellington.


Student loan debt: Your questions answered

Find out what owing tens of thousands of pounds means for your credit rating, and when to pay back.

How do you get ready...

for big school? Children get ready for the next step and describe their expectations.


Eating for two? What to eat when pregnant

How much should you eat when you're pregnant? And what nutrients do you need?

Vlogger: I'm using magnets to treat depersonalisation

Vlogger Dodie Clark is trying a rare treatment to help her depersonalisation condition.


Paying with Bitcoin? That'll do nicely

Visit the high-end art gallery in London that accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment.

Why you should pay in local currency

You should make credit card payments in the local currency when abroad, says the BBC's Simon Gompertz.


World's first floating offshore wind farm in Scotland.

Each wind turbine is taller than Big Ben and the farm can power 20,000 homes.

Scientist describes life on the ice in Greenland

Glacial microbiologist Dr Joe Cook is in Greenland to examine the effect of algae on melting ice.


Cash machine hacked in five minutes

After cash machines were hacked in Thailand and Taiwan in 2016, Click asks if it could happen again.

World's first floating offshore wind farm in Scotland.

Each wind turbine is taller than Big Ben and the farm can power 20,000 homes.


Comic-Con 2017: This year's highlights in 90 seconds

The costumes, the stars, the fans - this is Comic-Con in 90 seconds.

Stravinsky in South Africa: The composer who defied apartheid

When celebrated Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky visited South Africa in 1962, he defied racist laws to perform his music to a black audience.

25th July 2017