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23rd February 2020

Around the world

How lake gases are powering homes in Rwanda

Methane is being extracted from Lake Kivu in Rwanda to generate electricity.

Chile protests: Lasers and tear gas as police and protesters clash

Protesters vow to continue the unrest in Santiago until changes are made to Chile's constitution.

In the UK

Sheringham Viking Festival 'warrior' finds faith in Norse gods

Viking re-enactor Richard Mehmed says he found faith with Norse gods while "wielding a six-foot axe".

Jail for lorry driver after motorway U-turn

Staffordshire Police release CCTV footage of a lorry driver making a dangerous manoeuvre on the M6 Toll.


Blair: Labour manifesto was unconvincing

Former prime minister Tony Blair says of Labour's manifesto: "The more you read it, the less convinced you became."

Labour leadership: What you need to know about Keir Starmer

We profile a Labour leadership contender who hopes to unite supporters of both Corbyn and Blair.


'We're being punished for having a disabled daughter'

Kirsty Drexler's family have taken the council to court in hopes of keeping her specialist school transport.

Mandarin dream: The UK pupils vying for a trip to Beijing

A Mandarin speaking competition aims to boost pupils' language skills.


The poster project spreading 'happiness and kindness' to NHS staff

An artist known for his positive poster messages has directed his new creations at healthcare workers.

Running Stories: How running helped me fight anxiety and bulimia

Jess has anxiety and has previously had depression and bulimia, but says running has given her a new energy.


US continues fight to stop UK using Huawei kit

American's top cyber-security official says China's Huawei should not play a role in 5G networks.

Huawei: Our customers say we're years ahead of rivals

Huawei's Paul Scanlan says the company is years ahead of its competitors Nokia and Ericsson.


Oxford food waste used to help grow more food

How unwanted food is processed to produce electricity and fertiliser.

Blind Portsmouth astronomer shares his love of space

Nic Bonne, who uses 3D-printed models to study galaxies, wants more people to stargaze.


Robots gain lessons in hot dogs and other tech news

BBC Click’s Paul Carter looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

The man who can make music with his mind

Academic and electronic musician Bertolt Meyer has hacked into his prosthetic arm and connected it to his synth.


Hip-hop's iconic photos go on display

The International Center of Photography is showcasing photos of hip-hop's greatest stars.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Fleabag and feminism

The actress and writer speaks to BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour about her conflicting feelings towards feminism.