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14th October 2019

Around the world

Sexual violence in South Africa: 'Our cops are supposed to protect us'

Norma Ka Mbele tells her story, amid protests over high rates of sexual violence in South Africa.

The pink dolphins giving people their lives back

A physiotherapist working with wild dolphins in the Amazon river has helped more than 600 children.

In the UK

Pomp in Parliament: The Queen’s Speech

A look at the fanfare and formality behind this year's State Opening of Parliament.

Queen's Speech: What we learned

The BBC's Helen Catt explains the policies, the reaction, and what happens next.


Queen outlines government's Brexit plan during state opening

The Queen says the government's priority "has always been to secure the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union on the 31 October".

Priti Patel: 'Northern Ireland must not be treated differently over customs'

Home Secretary Priti Patel tells Andrew Marr Show that progress has been made by Boris Johnson in talks between UK and EU officials.


Rapper Jack Grange says music releases ADHD 'anger'

Jack Grange was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety after being excluded from school.

Student mental health: 'You'd seek help for a broken leg'

Lucinda Graham, who experienced various mental health issues, wants others to speak out and seek help.


Katy Brand: 'I didn't know what to do when I had a miscarriage'

Comedian Katy Brand tells 5 Live's Emma Barnett about her experience.

If pain was an object, what would it look like?

US photographer Justin J Wee has chronic back pain and uses images to depict living with pain.


Turning Paris's underground car parks into mushrooms farms

Paris is renovating many of its underground car parks and some are now growing mushrooms.

How the speed camera became a million dollar idea

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the speed camera became a million dollar idea.


Could cricket and worm burgers help save the planet?

Insects are being touted as an eco-friendly protein source, but do bug burgers pass the taste test?

Plastic-free Penzance: The UK's most eco-friendly town?

Where businesses cut down on plastic, fishermen collect litter and students march about the climate.


How tech changed the way DreamWorks animates

Improved computer processing has allowed artists to add a great level of detail to their films.

Turning the John Wick movies into a video game

The game, John Wick Hex, translates the film's fast paced combat into a top-down strategy game.


How tech changed the way DreamWorks animates

Improved computer processing has allowed artists to add a great level of detail to their films.

Scorsese: 'We went to Netflix because Hollywood didn't want us'

'We could not get any financing from the Hollywood studios', the legendary director says.