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Around the world

Zimbabwe latest: Ruling Zanu-PF urges Mugabe to step down

Pressure builds on the embattled president to stand aside, with a big protest planned for Saturday.

Syria: Russia again blocks extension of chemical attacks probe

Moscow uses its 11th UN veto since the Syria conflict began to block an investigative body.

In the UK

Chancellor Philip Hammond 'to target housing and NHS'

Philip Hammond will use the Budget to "attack problems" that lost the Tories votes, a former minister tells Newsnight.

Four die as aircraft and helicopter crash in mid-air near Waddesdon

Police say an investigation has been launched into the cause of the crash over Buckinghamshire.


Brexit: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland

Theresa May is told to put more money on the table and address Irish border concerns within two weeks.

Sarah Clarke is first female Black Rod in 650 years

Boss of the Wimbledon tennis championships Sarah Clarke gets ancient Parliamentary job.


St Olave's Grammar School row head resigns

Aydin Önaç, head of St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington, will leave at Christmas.

Eviction threat over complaints about crying baby

A family renting in London are threatened with eviction after complaints over a crying baby.


Dog owners have lower mortality, study finds

Researchers found a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in owners of dogs, especially hunting breeds.

First gene-editing in human body attempt

Gene-editing has been attempted on cells inside a patient, in a world first by doctors in California.


Budget 2017: Double Budget effect on your finances

Here is what we already know about changes to your finances ahead of a second Budget of the year.

Fox shares jump on sale speculation

Comcast, Sony and Verizon have reportedly approached the Murdoch-controlled media and entertainment firm.


UK and Canada lead global alliance against coal

A significant group of nations take a stand against using coal for electricity generation at UN climate talks.

Fishing 'best argument for seagrass conservation'

Seagrass meadows are diminishing worldwide, which has serious implications for fishing activity.


UK seeks future cyber-security stars

UK initiatives aim to get young people choosing a career in cyber-security to close a looming skills gap.

Apple delays launch of smart speaker

The HomePod will now go on release in early 2018 as the gadget still needs work, said Apple.


Peter Kay's Car Share to make surprise return

The comedian announces a surprise finale to show what happened between John and Kayleigh.

Taylor Swift cements her chart reputation with third UK number one album

The US pop star scores the UK's fastest-selling album of 2017 by a female artist.

18th November 2017