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3rd June 2023

Around the world

India train accident: Modi vows punishments over deadly Odisha crash

At least 288 people were killed in the collision of two passenger trains and a goods train in Odisha.

Odisha train accident: 'My mother was missing, I got a picture of the body'

Frantic scenes unfolded after India's horrific train crash which has killed at least 288 people.

In the UK

Epsom Derby 2023: Protester tackled on track during race

A protester is tackled by police after entering the track at the Derby Festival at Epsom racecourse.

UK EuroMillions ticket-holder claims £111.7m prize

The winner becomes the 18th UK player to win more than £100m in a EuroMillions jackpot.


MP Charlotte Nichols says Labour not acting on sexual misconduct

Labour has said it will fully investigate any allegation of sexual harassment.

Alice Mahon: Ex-MPs death must prompt asbestos action, says son

Alice Mahon believed she was exposed to the deadly substance as a nurse - and potentially when she was an MP in Parliament.


Free-speech tsar Arif Ahmed set to defend all views

Free speech and academic freedom in universities are facing "urgent threats", Prof Arif Ahmed says.

Universal credit childcare funding to rise 47% from June

From 28 June, parents on universal credit can claim up to £1,630 childcare for two or more children.


Multi-cancer blood test shows real promise in NHS study

The Galleri test revealed the correct site of a tumour 85% of the time in a study with 5,000 patients.

NHS backs new wafer to prevent migraines

Rimegepant will be available only to adults who have tried at least three other preventative drugs.


Diesel falls 12p but should be lower, says RAC

The price of diesel fell to £1.47 in May but the RAC argues the price should be cut further.

Train strikes hit FA Cup final and Beyoncé concert

Drivers walk out over pay and conditions in the third rail strike this week.


Are tornadoes in the US getting worse?

They are largely unpredictable and unforeseeable but are twisters becoming a more serious threat?

Peas that don't taste like peas could help the planet

UK researchers are developing peas that don't taste like peas as an environmentally friendly alternative to soya.


F1: Finding Vettels of the future on the eSports circuit

The virtual track is helping the world's biggest racing teams spot rising talent and win new fans.

Twitch streamer Puppers, who lived with MND, dies aged 32

The gamer, known for playing Dead by Daylight, dies after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.


Alice Oseman: Heartstopper series two 'will be a little bit darker'

The YA writer says the next series will show her characters and their romances "maturing".

Jojo Moyes: 'I've always been a woman's woman'

The bestselling author says she would not have made it without determination and female support.