Word of the day

depository (noun)

A place where anything is kept in safety.

Famous quote


Name that element


Ununtrium (Atomic number 113)

Word scramble

An annual allowance, payment, or income.



Thought for the day

Would you rather give bad advice or take bad advice?

On this day in 1996

The European Union banned the export of British beef as a result of mad cow disease.

Where in the world

Can you name the country and its capital?


Did you know?


Grammar time

What is wrong with the following sentence?

I have too go to swimming practice tonight.

I have to go to swimming practice tonight.

Circle Time


Mental Maths

64 ÷ 4 + 94

= 110



Joke of the day


In the news today...

Brexit: Cabinet to meet amid pressure on May

It comes after a weekend of speculation about the PM's leadership and claims of a plot to oust her.

Mueller report: Trump cleared of conspiring with Russia

Robert Mueller's report finds no evidence of collusion but does not exonerate Mr Trump of obstruction.

Prince Charles and Camilla make history in Cuba

The couple are the first members of the royal family to visit the country in an official capacity.